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Who is Dialect Lab?

Michael Dean Morgan
Speech Professor ~ Broadway Actor

All of Michael’s artistic disciplines converge at Rowan University’s Department of Theatre and Dance where he is a tenure-track professor.  He is also the resident speech and dialect coach, stage director and  teaches classes in Acting, Voice, Speech, Dialects, Comedy, on-camera, and produces the Senior NYC Showcase.  Michael also spent six years as an adjunct speech professor and theater director for the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Statement from MDM

I value the inclusive, personalized and innovative pedagogy of Knight-Thompson Speechwork.  I provide all aspects of speech & accent training.  While I have worked on Broadway, with corporate America and trained Princeton theologians – every human requires an individualized approach. 

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What can Dialect Lab Offer?



Everyone has unique needs, we work with you to create an individualized plan.

Michael has worked with executives and professionals from all over the world.

  • Non-Regional Accent Coaching: There is nothing wrong with your accent. Your voice is what makes you unique, it is your gift! Your focus will be on intelligibility, confidence, and skills rather than accent reduction. You work directly with Michael to become confident and clear in your communication at any time in any space. 

  • Corporate Presentation Coaching: Presence, Poise, and Passion. 


Full-service research and teaching for all your productions accent needs.

  • Accent Direction for Stage and Screen

    • Each production is unique. We research and create a detailed breakdown for each project.

    • Recent Accents directed include South African, Afrikaans, Xhosa, & Zulu.

    • See a sample: New York City English 


  • Accent and Speech Coaching: Personalized sessions for accent or speech.

  • Rates for Accent Direction in theatre and film are negotiated individually. 

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“This class is honestly a game-changer. I mean that in the best possible way. I feel much more prepared to do the work in the professional world, I feel that I have grown greatly. MDM is such a friendly, talented individual and is an excellent teacher.”.

“[H]is feedback can be critical (as it should be) but structured in a way that is incredibly helpful and encouraging.”

“He is one of the kindest and down to earth instructors I have had…”

“I cannot recommend MDM enough. You will experience an out of body experience that will drive your work. You will open yourself up to a world of possibilities in your voice.”

“MDM is able to give students undivided attention. His class is life changing. The information and technique he teaches is something that I will walk away with and retain forever.  His love for teaching is inspiring. I will take a thousand more classes with MDM.”

“[His] method of teaching and explaining/breaking it down piece by piece has helped me so much!

“MDM’s teaching style … improves you so much… while being thoughtful, encouraging, and reminding you that nothing you do is wrong, it is a journey towards something better; and that kind of learning is powerful and invaluable, especially in this career.”

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Partnerships and Certifications

CertifiED Instructor of


Knight -Thompson Speechwork


VASTA Member

Voice and Speech Trainers Association



Screen Actors Guild

Rowan University


Head of Voice & Speech


 Department of Theatre and Dance.

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Rates and FAQs

1. “Where do the coaching sessions take place?”


  • All coaching sessions are in-person, Zoom, or over the phone. If an in-person session is possible, coachings will take place at a private/public coaching space near the Princeton University campus.


2. “What happens at our first session?”


  • Your first session begins with an Initial Conference and Diagnostic covering your goals and personal speech biography. Sessions are always audio recorded and include diagnostic texts and informal conversations. 

  • You will receive a detailed map of your speaking pattern with special attention to your personal pronunciation, intelligibility, syllable emphasis, and prosody. The second meeting will review this document, discuss your individualized plan, and begin to work toward your goals!


3. “How many sessions will I need?”


  • Every student has a different journey. Once we discuss goals we can get a more accurate view of your path.


4. “How much do sessions cost? Do you have any discounts?” 


  • Single-Session Fees:  $200/hr

  • Student, Educational, and Workshops Rate Quotes are also available.


Your first two sessions include the detailed diagnostic which you can take to any speech pathologist for a second opinion or continued study. We can set a discounted rate if you are interested in paying for a series of sessions in advance.


Dialect Lab of Princeton, LLC accepts all major credit cards, Venmo, and Paypal.

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