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 “The production makes of a small budget a big virtue.  This stripped-down, back-to-the-roots rendition is simultaneously slapdash, as it must be, and tight. Eleven well-cast actors, most of whom can really sing, keep the warhorse in a lather”

Forum Review - Toby Grace - Out NJ Forum

“… played to a packed house that roared with laughter at all the right moments and applauded until their hands were in danger of damage… Michael Dean Morgan and the entire cast and crew deserve our praise and thanks for an evening we will not forget.”

La Mancha Review - Neal Zoren - U.S. 1 Newspaper

“Morgan’s direction demonstrates taste and imagination….Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts, where “La Mancha” is staged, is a compact yet open space Morgan uses creatively.”

La Mancha Review - John Timpane - Philly Inquirer

“Michael Dean Morgan’s disciplined direction gives us a La Mancha not so much boiled down as essential.”

Michael Dean Morgan


Performances Up Close: Series (2018, 2019, 2020)

The Wolves 


A Funny Thing Happened on the way to The Forum

Man of La Mancha (Director and Choreographer) 

The Coffee Shop, by Carlo Goldoni 

The Death and Life of Sherlock Holmes

PUC - Princeton University Concerts 

Rowan University Dept. of Theater & Dance 

Rowan University Dept. of Theater & Dance

The Princeton Festival  

The Princeton Festival                   

In Tandem Productions

First Stage Milwaukee 

Resume and Reel
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