As director, as actor, as professor, as in life, Michael strives to integrate humor and joy, into all his projects. Here are a few fun pictures of our work. Keep an eye out here for one of his comedy or clowning workshops! The secret’s not about putting on a mask but being brave enough to take yours off.

Clown One
“One of my favorite clowns! From our production of Forum!” Michael has integrated clownwork into several of his projects. (feat. Jenna Pinchbeck, Photo Michael Bartkiewicz)
Clown Two
“My favorite sequence from Forum was when each clown transformed into all their characters.”
As a character actor Michael has worn many wigs and used many accents. Here is his Admiral Boom from Mary Poppins.
Little Banks
A younger Dean trying on Dad’s stuff.
Perfect Relationships
MDM and a favorite comic foil Jenna Pinchbeck in Company at 11th Hour Theater Company in Philly
Prince Frederick
Another wig, another accent. MDM in his Prince Fredrick garb on Broadway (Costume design by Toni-Leslie James)
Moon Over Buffalo
“Moon Over Buffalo” at SRT (Feat. Shannon Jarrell-Ivey)
Box Suit!
War to End War by Charles Mee and Directed by Annie Loui
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